Monday, December 8, 2008

18 Days Til Christmas!

Can you believe it? Only 18 days til Christmas. As a child it seemed Christmas would never get here soon enough. Now as an adult it seems Christmas is here before you know it. My what a few years can do to the perspective of things. We just had our Christmas dinner for our seniors at our church. The table were decorated beautifully and the food was delicious. Of course I snapped plenty of photos. This photo of the candles is one of my faves. Thought it would be a great one to share with my blogger friends. If you're one that can't wait til Christmas arrives just be patient and enjoy every moment. For those of you that Christmas seems to sneak up on, remember it comes the same time every year!LOL Most importantly,remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!


PresentStorm said...

hey girl!! yeahhhhhh you are a blogger now. I need to add you girls to my blogroll.

LOVE this pic!! Glad you enjoyed your dinner on the beautiful tables.

I too remember when Christmas seemed years apart. Now it seems only a few short months. One of these days I will start doing my Christmas stuff in June and not have to do a bunch all at

Can't wait till we go looking at Christmas lights. That is one of my fav things to do this time of year.

Brenda said...

Beautiful photo. It is good to slow down long enough and remind ourselves why we celebrate this holiday! Thanks for the reminder.

Guylou said...

So true!! Jesus is the reason for the Season!

That pic you took is gorgeous! A wonderful reminder that we are the light of the world and that we need to let Jesus shine through us.

Karen Lee said...

Hello Dale.....Isn't this blogging thing fun? I love the photo, it gave me such a warm feeling. And yes, Christmas seems to arrive so much faster now that I am older. I always love to see photo's from your annual Christmas dinner. See ya round Memories to Last. hugs, KarenP


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