Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Caught the Bug!

Yes, I think I have finally caught the bug. The blogging bug that is. After a long and crazy day at work it has been relaxing for me to sit here and reflect back on the happenings of the day. Sure, I could do that without a blog, but I would be leaving you out. This way I can share a little bit of my life with others. Like today....my wonderful husband, Phillip called and wanted to take me to lunch. That was just what I needed to get me through a crazy day at work. I never tire of being with that man. When I got home from work he was all excited to tell me about his day. He had been to check on an elderly shut in who had been sick. While he was there she had another visitor. The visitor was the man that used to own the local newspaper. They enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscing. Before he left this gentleman gave my husband a signed copy of a book he had written. He is absorbed in it at this moment.LOL
This is another photo I took at the dinner Saturday night. "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" comes to mind when I see this photo at this the Christmas season. May you be able to say "Glory to the Newborn King" just like the angels did that first Christmas.
So...yes...I think I've caught it! I've caught the blogging bug!!


Brenda said...

sounds like a wonderful day and a wonderful man. On days like I had today I need to reflect on this season and what it means to me and those around me. Gorgeous picture Dale.

Karen Lee said...

What a sweet husband you have there Dale! And that is one beautiful photograph!

hugs, KarenP

Guylou said...

Now days, having a happy marriage is a treasure! I am so happy to see how you and your husband were meant to be and that you keep the fire going.

That pic is beautiful! I love Christmas pictures, they bring warm memories of my childhood.

Thanks for blogging! I am enjoying reading your posts!


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